Marom Dolphin MOLLE Vest With Ballistic Protection Up To Level IIIA


MOLLE Vest level 3A + options for neck, side, shoulder or groin add on protection and also option for protection plates.

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Our most common body armor vest offers perfect fit and comfort while providing optimal coverage area to both the front and back parts of the wearer. The vest offers ballistic protection up to level IIIA or ballistic and stab protection. In the inner part of the front and back parts of the vest there are pockets for 25×30 cm hard ballistic plates level III or IV.

The vest was designed with MOLLE webbing on the front and back parts of the vest for attaching compatible pouches and a drag strap for emergency use. The vest can be equipped with the following optional detachable protection add-ons: Neck (BA8010), Arms (BA8011), Sides (BA8012) and Groin (BA8013).