DROP-LEG Platform w/o holster


IDS DROP LEG – Thigh Rig platform for any IDS Holster or Mag. Paouch




The IDS Drop-Leg Holster is a modular system.

It is custom-molded from an abrasion and chemical-resistant Nylon 6 reinforced Polymer, providing a reliable, long-lasting and combat-proven carry.


The IDS Holster is attached to the IDS Drop-Leg Platform and provides instant, yet secured access to the handgun for a quick and smooth draw, while engaging the trigger guard during re-holstering for level-2 retention, keeping the handgun secure at all times.

Its innovative 2-piece design provides a customizable 360° cant and a couple of height options, which easily adjusts for your favored and personalized carry position.

A lightweight nylon-covered quilted foam pad and webbing straps with integrated rubber straps are then secured to the IDS Drop-Leg Platform using sturdy side-release buckles for an all-day comfortable carry, eliminating any possible wobble.


Both the IDS Drop-Leg Platform and the foam pad are attached with a height-adjustable webbing strap to a 360° cant adjustable polymer adapter for a perfect fit. This adapter is then connected to a paddle adapter which is firmly attached to the user’s belt or inside the pants.


  • Made in Israel, In Use by Israeli Police, Military and Security Companies.