Glock +2 Magazine Extension


Glock +2 Magazine Extension

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The IMI Defense Glock magazine extension will enable you to add two round of 9mm or one of .40 & .357SIG caliber to your Glock factory magazines. It must be used with the insert plate that is supplied with the extension. The extension is made with a lightweight highly durable reinforced polymer that allows both quality and stiffness.
Simply remove the standard magazine base plate and install this factory +2 extension along with the factory magazine insert plate and increase magazine capacity instantly. This +2 mag extension also helps shooters get a better grip on the Mini Glock 26, 27 or 33.

Fits:  Glock 17 | Glock 19 |Glock 22 |Glock 23 |Glock 24 |Glock 25 |Glock 26| Glock 27| Glock 28 |Glock 31 | Glock 32 | Glock 33 | Glock 39 (fits also Gen.4 AND Gen.5)