LOW RIDE PLATFORM for any IDS Holster, Designed for users wearing Tactical/Combat VEST or prefer a Low Ride carrying position

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IDS Low Ride Adapter

The IDS Low Ride Adapter is custom-molded from an abrasion and chemical-resistant Nylon 6 reinforced Polymer, providing a reliable, long-lasting and combat-proven carry.

It is a comfortable and practical belt-loop carry option for ALL IDS holsters and magazine carriers, which prevents the pistol or magazines from catching on the equipment once drawn. It is a great solution especially for those carrying body armor and/or tactical vests

Its unique, yet simple screwless design allows it to be quickly, easily and securely attached to any duty belts.

Its 360° rotation adjustment allows the user to adjust the holster’s canting according to their preference: Strong-side, appendix, cross-draw or S.O.B.

  • Made in Israel, In Use by Israeli Police, Military and Security Companies.